Alcohol and Water Injection Our Promise: Engine Runup does almost everything attainable to help keep its overhead fees down, which can be why you may observe our prices are rather reduced compared to the competition. We only advertise in Search engines like google. We usually do not sponsor Forums, because they carry a higher cost, which would only be passed on for the client. We rely on 'Word of Mouth' for our marketing, and having a quality product or service, it's treated us properly. We supply a one Year Warranty, which is correct, 1 yr. Engine Runup's kits and components are the highest high-quality versus any competitors to choose from. There are actually two most important components of any alcohol/water injection technique, the pump and the solenoid(s). Our pumps are delivered directly from Shurflo, the most beneficial name in pumps around the world, and our solenoids are customized made for Engine Runup, that has a strong Brass base, crp123 for sale not just one plastic component, and weighs more than a pound. The seals inside the solenoid can also be compatible with 100% alcohol and gasoline. A checkvalve really should in no way be utilized from the area of the solenoid. We'll constantly give a much better products for any much better value, period. Stage one versus Stage two Kits With every kit, we provide a Stage 1 and also a Stage 2 version. The Stage one Kits are for your price range oriented, that wants good quality and affordability without having sacrificing dependability. The Stage two Kits have extra options this kind of as a Water Filter and also a Nozzle Stress Sensor with a gauge pod mounted light, which alerts you the technique is working accurately. With just a little more of an investment, crp123 you'll have the ability to inform once the injectors are pressurized, displaying you the procedure is doing work. In the unusual situation the indicator doesn't illuminate, then you know one thing is wrong and you will back off the throttle. Each Stage one and Stage 2 Kits are provided with a a hundred PSI or 150 PSI pump. Single versus Dual Stage Kits Every single kit also can be ordered in either a single stage, or a dual stage. The Single Stage Kits are for applications in which the increase builds up speedily. The Dual stage Kits allow injectors to activate at different boost levels, that's desirable for turbos that take time for you to spool up. An additional application that a Dual Stage Kit is needed is for substantial energy engines that do loads of towing, or engines that shell out lots of time at partial enhance. Diesels certainly are a very good example of this, because they make a lot of increase at a variety of electrical power Stages, and would benefit from water injection in any respect boost Phases, and not just complete enhance. Dual Nozzle Improve When getting a kit, you might possess the option to add a Dual Nozzle Improve. This allows two nozzles rather of one for that Single Stage Kits, or four nozzles alternatively of two for the Dual Stage Kits. With this upgrade, you will use two smaller injectors, during the place of a single massive a single. The smaller sized Nozzles possess a smaller water droplet dimension (measured in microns) versus a bigger nozzle. So alternatively of one particular four gph injector, this upgrade permits you to run two 2 gph injectors. Yet another advantage of this can be you may mount the nozzles other than each other, permitting superior dispersal in to the air stream. This isn't a necessary upgrade, but you are able to see it has its advantages. Our kits are activated by a pressure switch, or can easily be wired to virtually any Stand Alone or Piggy Back engine management system. All kits are alcohol protected and carry a one 12 months warranty (see disclaimer). Shipping is ordinarily carried out the exact same day when the order is placed just before four:00 pm est. From the situation the purchase is just not shipped precisely the same day, it will be shipped the following day.
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